As of August 15th, Whistler's inventory sits at 195 across all property types. If you are in the market for a chalet there are 51 to choose from, but with this being a firm seller's market there are only 16 units listed below $2.5 million compared to 35 listed higher than $2.5 million. Active condiminium listings has increased slightly, up to 60 active listings. 22 of those are unrestricted units and the remaining 38 are restricted. With only 6 unrestricted units sitting below $600,000 the condo market continues to favour sellers. However, there are some great value properties to be found, particularly those in "Tamarisk". As a result of increasing tourism and visitation numbers, whistler nightly rentals are growing substantially. This means that your best bet may be an investment property that allows for some personal use to enjoy whilst generating income for the remainder of the year. With all 38 active restricted condominium listings listed below $600,000, there certainly is plenty to choose from. Townhouse listings decreased again, sitting at a lowly 24. Among the 24 unrestricted units, there are 8 units below $900,000 whilst 16 units are asking for more than $1 million.

Year to date (August 15th, 2017) sales volume is beyond $659.3 million across 572 transactions. For a more detailed breakdown of these numbers, continue reading below.

If you are looking for affordable land in the area with the ability to build your dream home, keep an eye on the WedgeWoods development. Phase Two and Three are almost sold out but there are more phases to be released. This is going to be a beautiful neighbourhood and could be perfect to embrace the Whistler lifestyle, but without the traffic!

If you have any other specific real estate questions, please call me at (604)-905-8626 or send me an email at and I'd be happy to help!

Total Sales
Once again, July was one of the slower months of the year in terms of transactions. However, this was the second strongest July for both total transactions and sales volume that Whistler has seen since 2013, falling behind only July of 2016. The drop in sales volume from June is nothing to be concerned about as it is a more accurate reflection of the market as June had 3 rare properties sell within the Four Seasons, which manipulated the statistics. There was still a significant drop in terms of total transactions from the strong month of June, dropping from 81 transactions down to 59 in July. Again, this is nothing to be alarmed about as Whistler is still facing a lack of inventory. A more accurate reflection is the average sales price, which remained steady at over $1.3 million.

This past July saw it's second lowest number of transactions (16) in the last 5 years, only beating July of 2014. Even though Whistler is firmly experiencing a seller's market, there are still too few currently available to match the number of transactions that Whistler is historically used to. This is making the market more competitive and driving the prices up, with average sales prices for an unrestricted condo in Whistler exceeding $631,800.

Looking over the last 5 years monthly sales, July had it's strongest return in both number of transactions and sales volume. The average sales price for a chalet in Whistler for June was over $2.57 million. An improved number of transactions, up to 16 meant that the total sales volume for chalet's alone surpassed $30.9 million.

Townhouse sales transactions were the second lowest for the last five years, totalling just 23 transactions. However, the strong real estate market in Whistler has meant that despite lower transactions than previous years, an average sales price exceeding $1.08 million, we saw the strongest July for total sales volume during that same five year period (more than $24.9 million).

Vacant Land
There were four vacant lots sold in July, totalling just over $2.6 million. The prices ranged from $625,000 to $712,000 and had an average sales price of just over $665,000. It is worth noting that all four of these sales were in the new Wedgewoods development.