As your Whistler RE/MAX Realtor® it is my business to know what’s going on in the real estate market in your Whistler neighbourhood, and I will provide you with accurate and up to date information on pricing and market activity. This will include details on price and conditions of competing properties. These are key in getting your property sold at the best price and with minimum hassle.

As your RE/MAX Realtor® I will take advantage of the MLS network, as well as personal and company websites and the local Whistler Listing system. I will always be available to assist co-operating real estate agents in showing your home and providing all relevant information to prospective buyers. Above all, I will always be available to communicate with you on the progress of selling your property.

As your Whistler Realtor® I will objectively evaluate every buyer’s offer without compromising your position, and will, with your input, write a legally binding win-win agreement.

Although it is true that a few people have been able to sell their properties on their own, Whistler is unique with all the many complexes, types of usage, access idiosyncrasies, and often the expense, time involved and hassle is not fully understood. As with everything in life, it is best to hire the professionals in their field and this will help mitigate any potential legal and financial risk to you.

Please contact me at to further discuss a current market evaluation and sale of your Whistler property.