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Spring Ahead in Whistler

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Blog by Doug Treleaven | March 22nd, 2017


On Tuesday the 21st of March at 3:29am the sun was directly above the equator, signalling the beginning of Spring. If you look outside in Whistler I'm sure you will notice the snow is still falling, driveways are covered in ice and the bears are still sleeping. One could be mistaken for thinking that it was still December and preparing for the long Winter ahead.

For those of us who are ready to move on from Winter (what a Winter we've had!) and are looking forward to the long Summer days, Spring is a welcome sight. The birds are returning from the south, bears emerging from their dens and the snow is slowly melting away revealing how much work there is to be done..bring on Spring cleaning! If you let your house go this Winter, like me, you have a lot of house to clean and organise, so lets break it down.

Sprucing up the home

During the early days of Spring when the weather is still dreary and the snow has yet to melt we can get a head start on the indoors. Why not start with one cleaning focus for each day of the month, that shouldn't be too hard right?

Image: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/g4238/spring-cleaning-checklist/?slide=1

Changing of the
Whistler is known for it's outdoor lifestyle; Winter produces some of the world's best skiing and snowboarding whilst Summer is renowned for it's hiking and biking. With all of these great activities comes a large amount of equipment. As the weather is warming up it is time to pack away the winter clothes and rack the skis for another 6 months because biking season is here!

Installing Slatwall on your garage walls is a fantastic way to store a variety of items. Rather than take up valuable floor space, Slatwall allows you to hang almost anything from the wall and out of your way.

Image: http://www.enlightenedorganizing.ca/handiwall-slatwall-garage-storage.html

Spring is in the air

Now that your house is in order, the snow has melted away and your yard is revealed. This is where the fun really starts! Winter can be extremely harsh on your property and can leave a lot of work to do. Use this simple checklist to ensure you don't miss anything and make sure your home is ready for a long Summer of barbequing!


Happy Spring cleaning!