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Whistler Opportunities in Real Estate

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Blog by Doug Treleaven | July 16th, 2016

We have a building view lot for sale in Emerald Estates. $1,288,000. Some locals feel that Emerald Estates is too far down the highway and too far from the village. My kids felt that way for a dozen years when we had our house there. After all, it does take 10 minutes to drive, maybe 11 if you hit one of the 3 traffic lights on your way to the mountain along Hwy #99. But it sure is nice to coast home, stop at the grocery store and not fight through the traffic heading south down the same Hwy #99 to Vancouver, Lower mainland and beyond.
The best atraction for this lot, however, is the ground work the current owners have already done for you. Don't worry, they didn't do it for free, but it sure makes your life easier. First of all, they completely orgainized a geotechnical report to best position the home, make use of the topography, and settle in with the idea of a family making use of this lot to its maximum potential. Next the owners located the best designer in the Sea to Sky corridor to work on two home concepts. The first one is smaller, no suite. The second one is maximizing the lot size and contains a suite. You choose which size you want. Makes sense I think.
The most awesomeness part of this opportunity is the builder they have securred for you. None other than 19 time finalists for the Georgie Awards, RDC Fine Homes builder, Bob Deeks. I really shouldn't have to say any more after this announcement. His company gets Whistler, knows what will work here and how to save you money while they build and for many years after they have left the site and keys to you!
You should probably call me on this one. For under $2,500,000 you can be enjoying Whistler's Sea to Sky area with all the trappings by this time next year.
Pretty simple, really.