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May Real Estate Statistics: Whistler

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Blog by Doug Treleaven | June 18th, 2017

June, lovingly known around Whistler as "Junuary" for it's indecisive weather patterns where it can't decide if it's ready for Summer or already longing for Winter, is back again! But what better weather than to stay inside and get stuck in to some Whistler real estate statistics! Continue reading to see the market activity for May.

Whilst May is considered a part of the "dead season" for tourism in Whistler, this did not reflect real estate transactions. Up from 71 transactions in April, May saw 90 total transactions, making it one of the strongest months of the year. Not only was it one of the stronger months for transactions, but the sales volume exceeded $96.3 million. As of June 19th there are 46 Chalets for sale, with 11 under $2.5 million, whilst there are 35 with a list price over $2.5 million. Of 53 available condominiums, 18 are Phase One (unrestricted units) and 32 fall under the Phase Two (restricted units) category (the other 3 units are LUC, TA and Employee). The strong real estate market has resulted in just 6 Phase One units priced under $600,000 and 12 priced higher, 2 of which are over $1 million. If you're interested in a townhouse, 25 are available but only 12 are Phase One units and the cheapest 1 bedroom comes in at $585,000 and 2 bedroom townhouse is $899,000. 

Year to date (June 19th, 2017) sales volume is beyond $462.8 million across 430 transactions. For a more detailed breakdown of these numbers, continue reading below. If you have any other specific real estate questions, please call me at (604)-905-8626 or send me an email at doug@myseatosky.com and I'd be happy to help!

Keep an eye on the market as Phase Three of the WedgeWoods development has just been released and will likely have an impact on median pricing, particularly for vacant lots.

Total Sales
May saw 90 total transactions, making it one of the strongest months of the year. Not only was it one of the stronger months for transactions, but the sales volume exceeded $96.3 million. This was the strongest May since 2013 and the second strongest month of 2017 (90 in May compared to 94 in March), however the sales volume was greatest in May.

Once again, this was the strongest May of the last 5 years for condominium sales, exceeding 41 transactions with an average sales price of $664,895 for Phase One properties and $283,550 for Phase Two condominiums. This was also the 3rd strongest month of the last 5 years for condominium transactions, whilst being the 2nd strongest for total sales volume.

As with condo sales, Chalet sales were also the strongest May for the last 5 years, however only marginally, whilst being in the middle of the road for all months over the last 5 years. The real indicator to the strength of the market though, is that despite the low transaction numbers (16), May was the 3rd strongest month in terms of sales volume for the last 5 years. Chalet sales had an average price of $2.748 million.

Townhouse sales saw an increase in May, falling behind only March for this years monthly transactions. Historically May is not one of the strongest months for townhouse transactions and this year was no exception. Despite having the second most transactions of the year, May actually comes in 3rd for the sales volume ($25.26 million), representing a slight decrease in average sales price. 14 Phase One units sold in May, with an average price of $976,707.

Vacant Land
There was only one vacant lot sold in May, but be sure to watch this space as the WedgeWoods development continues to sell it's newly released Phase 3 lots.

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Please note: All sales information is derived from the Whistler Listing Service and is believed correct. E&OE

The real estate market has been on fire this year, so if you're thinking of buying or selling, now is the time to do it! 
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