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Are You Ready for the next Real Estate Boom?

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Blog by Doug Treleaven | January 12th, 2009

Everyone is busy analysing the same statistics and coming up with different information.  The trouble with analysing a market is that it varies by your need for information.  The media is always looking for the negative – because that is the storey for them – while optimistic realtors want to understand the positive meaning lying within the “analysis”.  Smart buyers and sellers look at their personal positions and “analyse” their needs within the existing market.



If you need to sell, you are a motivated seller;  if you have cash, you are a motivated buyer – putting you two together results in a market transaction that works.  Interesting “analysis” from a very smart investor indicates that people who sold last year and placed their money in the Stock market are behind about 30%.  Those that sell this year at a 20% reduction in price are ahead by at least 10%.



With new investors seeing the Value of our markets in British Columbia , we are experiencing an influx of astute, cash rich individuals who compare us to other areas around the world and who appreciate our lifestyle and our value!  We offer a safe, secure investment opportunity if you are in for a few years and  I have never seen the value of real estate plummet to zero -  Real Estate always recovers and in time appreciates upwards. 



Ozzie Jurock is a proponent of real estate as a cornerstone for any investment portfolio and has propelled many to look beyond today and discover the opportunities.  If you have an interest in real estate investing, we offer a long term relationship of real estate consulting to our clients.  We work with our clients to sell their properties at the right time for them and our buying clients to buy when the pricing and timing works for their plans.



The timing is always right for some, so start “analysing” your situation and let us help find that unique market opportunity for you.